Brake Service & Installation

Brake Service & Installation

Having your pads inspected helps avoid them getting beyond factory recomended and safe usage limits, to a dangerous condition that creates expensive rotors and/or drum repair needs. We can help!

Service Details

The techs at 1 Stop Auto are more than qualified to maintain, repair, and replace your brake system components to help ensure that your car is braking as efficiently and effectively as originally designed. This service includes:

  • Replacing worn brake pads and/or brake shoes
  • Resurfacing brake rotors or drums
  • Replacing brake fluid as needed

Why Is It Important To Get My Brakes Serviced?

Properly working brakes are essential to vehicle safety. When you depress your brake pedal and your pads engage a disk or drum, you need the confidence to know that your vehicle will come to a complete and precise stop.

  • Brake pads, shoes, drums, and rotors are made of materials that wear down from heat and friction, even under normal driving conditions
  • Over time, these same wear issues can also affect the brake’s hydraulic components including calipers, wheel cylinders, and brake hoses
  • Failure of these brake components can lead to costly repairs and loss of braking

How often should I get my brakes checked?

It’s important to have your brakes checked regularly to keep them responsive and to help avoid costly replacements. However, you should have your brakes checked immediately if you experience any of the following:

  • Your brakes are continuously squeaking, squealing, or grinding
  • Your brake or anti-lock braking system (ABS) warning light comes on
  • Your car jerks or pulls to one side when braking
  • You need to pump your brakes for them to work properly
  • Your brake pedal feels unusually soft and spongy or hard
  • You notice brake fluid leaks around the wheels or engine compartment


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July 2020