Heat, Vent & A/C Services

Heat, Vent & A/C Services

Heating, ventilation & air conditioning service and maintenance is imperative to be sure you’re not frying on these hot southern days or caught without warmth on an unwanted cold front. Let 1 Stop Auto take care of your climate control.

Service Information

Climate control services performed by the certified experts at 1 Stop Auto:

  • Testing of air conditioning system for refrigerant leaks and interior cabin temperature
  • Restoring proper system refrigerant and lubrication levels
  • Restoring interior cooling ability

Why is it important to maintain my climate control system?

  • Regular A/C maintenance enables proper system refrigerant and lubrication levels to be met
  • When proper system refrigerant and lubrication levels are met, the risk of premature compressor failure decreases
  • Allows desired interior cabin temperature to be achieved when both your heating and a/c systems are at factory spec

How often should I have my car’s climate system serviced?

Air conditioning systems may lose 0.3-0.6 ounces of refrigerant annually, which is why it’s a good idea to have your air conditioning system checked. That being said, if at any time you start to notice your interior climate control abilities have declined, you should have your climate control system tested. Contact us with any questions.


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July 2020